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Below you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions.
  1. Is Gotravel365 a travel agent?

    No! GoTravel365 is an independent blog where travel proposals are posted free of charge.
  2. What is the purpose of GoTravel365?

    GoTravel365 aims to inspire wanderlust Brites. We aim to find the best deals and wish to save you both time and money when travelling.
  3. How do I book the trip?

    You book the journey at the providers of the flight and the hotel by following the links in the article. We link only to reputable and credible websites such as momondo and trivago and it will be here you make the purchase. GoTravel365 does not have anything to do with direct sales, we just find the travel proposals.
  4. Why can I not get the price to fit?

    The price will always be correct at the time the article is posted on GoTravel365. However, there are several reasons why the price may have changed. Since GoTravel365 is not a travel agent, but only finds the prices from the providers, the prices are variable. This means that the price can be both higher, but also that it may be lower than specified in the article. The longer the time spent from publication of the article on GoTravel365 the greater is the possibility that the price has changed. In addition, you should be aware of the following: GoTravel365 always indicates the price per person, while momondo on a smartphone shows the total price for all travelers. This means that when the article on GoTravel365 shows a flight to cost for example £ 50, momondo will say £ 100 if the trip is for 2 persons. Trivago shows the price per room per night. The price shown on trivago must therefore be multiplied by the number of nights you stay and be divided by the number of persons to get the price per person. For example: If you stay 10 nights at a hotel that costs £ 50 per night on trivago, the total price for the room will be 10 x £ 50 = £ 500. – This should then be divided by 2 to get the price per person. In this example it would be £ 250.
  5. Can I book the trip on dates other than the dates from the article?

    In most cases, it is not a problem to change the dates. However, this may result in a higher price on the flight and / or the hotel and one of them may be sold out. If you wish to travel on dates other than those stated in the article, please feel free to contact us.
  6. Do I need to book both the flight and the hotel from the article?

    Since we typically link to separate providers of flights and hotels, it will not be a problem just to make use of one of them.
  7. Why are prices often only indicated by hand luggage?

    Low-cost airlines like Ryanair and Norwegian have long operated with luggage as an option and have done this with great success. Our travel habits have changed and this has resulted in companies like SAS and Lufthansa now also offering flights without luggage at a lower price. Most companies offer free hand luggage of 8-10 kg and from our own experience we can say that it can last for a longer holiday. Several people therefore choose either to travel completely without luggage or for example. to share a suitcase.
  8. Why does the GOTravel365 only indicate the price for 2 persons?

    To make it easy and transparent, we have chosen to primarily set prices for 2 people on GoTravel365. We are aware of the wish of prices for 1 person and more than 2, but unfortunately it will be too time consuming to do this at the moment. However, as the journeys are meant to be inspiration, it will in many cases be possible to correct the number of people.
  9. How do I contact goTravel365?

    You can either contact GoTravel365 on facebook, by commenting on the article or by e-mail at

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